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This deal just altered the TV landscape, ‘Netflix Outbids AMC, HBO for Original Programming’ (FierceCable)

It's Not TV, It's Netflix

Signaling a serious move into a more traditional pay TV service model, Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) will reportedly launch a $100 million 26-episode original TV series, “House of Cards.” To get the rights to do so, the over-the-top video purveyor outbid HBO and AMC, among others.

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On deck, ‘Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights’ (IdentibyBlog)

The  “Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights” panel at the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) conference last Friday had something that most panels lack:  an outcome.  The goal was to get the SXSWi community to cast their votes and help to shape a bill of rights that would reflect the participation of many thousands of people using the social networks.

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In honor of the big Netflix deal, ‘Cutting the Cable Cord: The State of Internet TV’ (Daily Infographic)

I’m going to start today’s post off with a Netflix ad. No, I didn’t get paid to say this, I really mean it: Netflix is the best thing ever. I just got finished watching the first 8 episodes of Trailer Park Boys… with no commercials! I thought I was a smart ass in the 90′s when I would tape a show and fast forward my VCR to cut through commercials. Now I get to watch High Definition TV within a 5 second buffer period.

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