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Some TV history in, ‘Adweek’s 100 Most Influential Shows’ (MediaWeek/Adweek)


Let’s go back to the very beginning, back to when TV became an entertainment medium and shows that people wanted to watch and advertisers wanted to be associated with were born.
Let’s make a list, a big one. Some of these shows topped the rating charts, some didn’t. Many won Emmy Awards, and many more were escapist fluff.  But what they all have in common is some level of influence on the medium as it evolved into a cultural force and a very big business.

When we think of the beginning, the black-and-white 1950s come to mind. But the first American television picture to be broadcast (a weather map from Arlington, Va., to Washington, D.C.) was actually in 1926.  Experimental stations were established to test television broadcasting in the 1930s. CBS and NBC were granted their commercial television licenses for their New York stations in 1941. There were roughly 7,000 TV sets in American homes in 1945 and regularly scheduled programming began in 1946.

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Californication renewed and, ‘Shameless Season Ends on High Note’ (Hollywood Reporter)

Shameless has proven to be a good bet for Showtime.

Sunday night’s season ender drew the network’s biggest audience for a freshman show in a decade, with 1.51 million viewers tuning in for the entire night, beating the previous record holder Queer as Folk (1.49 million) in 2001.

At 10 p.m., 1.16 million viewers tuned in, up 18 percent from the series premiere, which was just below the 1 million mark (982,000). Shameless added an extra 352,000 viewers at 11 p.m.

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Starz to Embargo Streaming Content 90 Days to Netflix (Home Media Magazine)

On the heels of Showtime pulling ‘Dexter,’ ‘Californication’

Starz Entertainment beginning April 1 will reportedly delay by 90 days access of original programming and new release movies by Netflix.

Starz, which is owned by Liberty Media Group, will begin delaying select content with its original King Arthur drama “Camelot,” according to Dow Jones. The altered arrangement would also include future first-run movies from Disney and Sony, which are contractually distributed by Starz.

The move comes just days after Showtime Networks said it would pull popular series “Dexter” and “Californication” from Netflix.

Starz has been a major source of studio catalog movies for Netflix’s burgeoning streaming service. At $30 million a year, the license deal, which expires in October, has rankled rival media executives who believe the Los Gatos, Calif.-based online disc rental pioneer is accessing third-party content below market value.

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Today’s Infographic: From Page Rank to Panda, Google Bends the Web to Its Will (Inventor Spot)

With Google’s ever-evolving algorithm, SEOBook posted a detailed infographic that took on the burdensome task of piecing together how Google  continually tries to reinvent itself. From the rudimentary beginnings that surfaced with the launch of PageRank a decade ago to the the recent release of its Panda update to curtail the relevance of ‘content farms’ – this ‘Google’s Collateral Damage’ chart illustrates the search giant’s Internet prominence and the impact it has had on Web masters and publishers over the years.

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Always a step ahead, ‘Radiohead Releases Its Own Newspaper‘ (Mashable)

Celebrating the release of King of Limbs in analog style, Radiohead has published its own newspaper, called The Universal Sigh.

The newspaper is being distributed free in locations across the world Monday, and it features short stories, poetry and art. For those of you looking for a digital copy, the New Zealand music magazine Rip It Up has posted a PDF of it (the site currently seems to be overloaded with traffic, though).

As for the music, you can hear the album on Slate Monday (and it’s also available for streaming from Rolling Stone). Fans have been able to download the album since February and hear the entire album via YouTube. It is available on CD and vinyl this week.

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How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Visual Branding (Social Media Examiner)

Are you wondering how to visually optimize the new Facebook page layout?

As of March 10, 2011, it became official—the new Facebook page layout was applied to all fan pages. Now that the dust has settled, bugs addressed and some tweaks made, admins can now focus their attention on making the most of what Facebook has given them, which is a LOT of screen real estate!

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