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Some of the best in electronic music offer a new take on Radiohead’s latest, The King of Limbs. Eclipsing the original LP by eleven tracks, TKOL RMX 1234567  CD compilation is the culmination of seven 12″ remixes released since June.

On the night of its release (10/12), Thom, along with remixers Jamie XX, Caribou, Lone and Illum Sphere will stream a 3-hour set on The Boiler Room, home of London’s secret, invite only live DJ sets at 8p UK time.

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Some TV history in, ‘Adweek’s 100 Most Influential Shows’ (MediaWeek/Adweek)


Let’s go back to the very beginning, back to when TV became an entertainment medium and shows that people wanted to watch and advertisers wanted to be associated with were born.
Let’s make a list, a big one. Some of these shows topped the rating charts, some didn’t. Many won Emmy Awards, and many more were escapist fluff.  But what they all have in common is some level of influence on the medium as it evolved into a cultural force and a very big business.

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Radiohead: Remixing the Middleman

This post originally appeared on Daily Marauder.

Not favorite artwork

CD sales are expected to plummet 14.2% from 2006 to 2012 as reported by Wired. Most in the music industry react to this percentage with all out panic. For an artist’s perspective on traditional music distribution models, check out David Byrne’s Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars (Wired 12/07).

Rather than relying on a music industry poised to hit the panic button, Radiohead decided to tackle the digital universe head-on.

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Radiohead Strikes Back: How Do Music Labels Fare in this Digital Age?

In Rainbows Digital Download Site

This post originally appeared on Daily Marauder.

The long-suffering music business took a hit last week when British powerhouse, alt-indie band Radiohead left their music label and iTunes behind, releasing their 8th studio album In Rainbows online with a choose-your-own-price attached to it.

Outselling this week’s Billboard chart topper Bruce Springsteen 3-1, Radiohead forfeited chart prospects for total ownership of their master tapes, publishing and therefore the ability to release the album themselves. The music industry can probably breathe a small sigh of relief, however, as not many artists can do what Radiohead did. There’s a very specific artist/fan online relationship that Radiohead established years ago by constantly blogging (Dead Air Space) about virtually everything including the production process of In Rainbows.

For this round however:
Radiohead: 1
Music Label Goliath: 0

Thom Yorke: The Eraser (Album)

Thom Yorke The Eraser

The Eraser

Fans of Radiohead’s lighter, electronic side will be very pleased with frontman Thom Yorke’s solo effort,The Eraser (XL Recordings). A steady stream of layered beats and Yorke’s signature no-lyrics-without-meaning style as compiled by Nigel Godrich, The Eraser is a beautiful stop on the way to the next Radiohead LP. Our fave tracks include “The Clock,” “And It Rained All Night” and “Harrowdown Hill.”

1. the eraser
2. analyse
3. the clock
4. black swan
5. skip divided
6. atoms for peace
7. and It rained all night
8. harrowdown hill
9. cymbal rush

In Today’s News


War and Thom Yorke’s “Harrowdown Hill” – Described by Yorke as the “angriest song I’ve ever written in my life,” the track is named for the site where the body of Brit Dr. David Kelly was found. Kelly sparked controversy by speaking to the British press about his findings as a UK weapons inspector in Iraq in 2003 – certain labs reported as capable of massive germ warfare were nothing more than hydrogen gas facilities to fill balloons. Following an inquiry by the British House of Commons, Kelly was found dead 2 days later in the area known as Harrowdown Hills. Although ruled a suicide, many medical professionals went on the record calling it a highly suspicious death. Yorke’s vocal and visual judgement of the Kelly scandal is just what you’d expect from the most tortured soul in music – stunning.

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Radiohead: OK Computer – A Classic Album Under Review (DVD)

This post originally appeared on Screen*Play.

On September 19th, my fave album of all time will get the DVD treatment in Radiohead: OK Computer – A Classic Album Under Review (MVD Visual and Sexy Intellectual).

According to the press release, A Classic Album reviews the most influential album by  one of rock music’s true giants (I couldn’t agree more).

The documentary includes rare performances, and obscure comments, criticisms and insights on every track from the album from writer, journalist, and author of Radiohead: A Guide To Their Music, Mark Paytress, respected rock authority and ex-Mojo editor, Barney Hoskyns, Radiohead biographer Alex Ogg, and more.

Bonus materials include:

1. ‘The Hardest Interactive Radiohead Quiz In The World Ever’
2. Full Contributor Biographies
3. ‘Beyond DVD’ section

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Day 1: Dead Air Space

An Even Bigger Bang: Beginning at 9am ET today, Yahoo visitors will be the first (well the second) to know about 15 new dates (8 U.S.) for The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang Tour, which began Sunday night at Fenway Park (first song Start Me Up).  Readers will get access to an exclusive pre-sale, footage from the Fenway show and an audio stream of the track It Won’t Take Long from the forthcoming LP also titled A Bigger Bang.

Radiohead News o’ the Day:  Radiohead have launched a blog, Dead Air Space, where they will post an online diary of their progress in the studio.  If I go missing, you can probably find me there.

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In Today’s News


Can someone loan me millions of dollars, PLEASE: A label-less Radiohead officially entered the studio August 18th to begin work on their next album for a yet-to-be-determined corporate behemoth a.k.a. major label a.k.a. the band’s worst nightmare. According to a post on their site that has since been removed, Radiohead would be happy with an offer from the “old” EMI, which didn’t worry so much about stockholders. This record marks the eighth studio project from one of my favorite bands of all time. Dare I say it – if Radiohead can find a way to release this record on their own, they will. Stay tuned for a new track on Help: A Day in the Life coming Sept. 9th.

For Meri Music News o’ the Day: Neil Diamond’s next studio album, Neil Diamond, hits stores Nov. 8 via Columbia Records. Produced by Rick Rubin (Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty), Neil Diamond marks the first eponymous release in his 40 year career.

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